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The Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

Updated: May 15, 2018

Flowers might be the traditional gift for Mother’s Day, but they’re also what’s expected. Giving your mom a martial arts membership or enrolling her in a class might not be the usual choice, but there are many good reasons to consider giving your mom exactly that this Mother’s Day.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Women

Studying the martial arts is about more than just getting a great workout. If you give your mom the gift of martial arts this Mother’s Day, here’s what she’ll be getting:

n Improved cardiovascular health. Martial arts workouts strengthen the heart and circulatory system and can reduce the risk that your mom will develop heart disease or suffer a heart attack or stroke.

n Improved flexibility. As we age, we lose flexibility in our joints. Taking a martial arts class keeps your joints lubricated and limber and can reduce the risk of arthritis.

n Weight loss. It’s natural for our metabolisms to slow down as we age and exercising regularly is one of the best ways to prevent weight gain or shed excess pounds.

n Reduced stress. Exercising releases feel-good hormones like dopamine and endorphins. That can help reduce the amount of stress in your mom’s life and also make it less likely that she’ll suffer from depression or anxiety.

n The ability to defend herself. Learning self-defense techniques can help women feel more self-confident and less vulnerable.

In other words, when you give your mom a gift of the martial arts, you’re giving her much more than a few classes. You’re giving her improved health, better moods, and the ability to defend herself if the need arises.

Why Women Love the Martial Arts

There’s another reason to consider giving your mom a martial arts class or membership this Mother’s Day: women love the martial arts.

One of the main reasons they do is that women can excel in the martial arts even when going up against a much larger opponent. That’s because martial arts training teaches women to leverage their opponent’s body weight against them.

In many ways, martial arts training is preferable to weapons training. A woman who can be overpowered by an assailant might not be able to use a weapon effectively. But, a woman who has been trained to fight using martial arts techniques can defend herself.

On top of that, martial arts classes are an experience. You might think of martial arts training as an individual pursuit but taking a class is a social experience as well. Martial arts classes are a wonderful place to make new friends.


Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. If you’re seeking a unique gift to give your mother on May 13th, consider giving her the gift of better mental and physical health, self-defense, confidence, and fun – in the form of a martial arts membership or class. She’ll love it!

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